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How to Prepare for Your Best Interior Design Consultation

We're here to take away the decision overload by listening to your needs & filtering through all of your ideas to create a cohesive space. We will create a structured plan that makes sense and fits your budget. Get excited because we're about to create your Dream Space!

Depending on the Design Package that is right for you, at the Consultation you can expect Virginia to ask lots of questions to get a better feel for your lifestyle, the functionalities of the space and discuss a strategy to launch your project. We'll take lots of photos & measurements to take back to our Team so we can begin discussing the best options to create a structured plan to launch your project.

Our Consultations provide great value, we are highly experienced and offer professional advice. We want you to utilize this time for what's most important to you. So if that means making recommendations for architectural upgrades that can add more character & detail to your space, or a lighting plan that can enhance the ambiance and mood for your home or business. We can suggest and provide a list of products & vendors we trust, create a scope of work to begin putting together a design plan.

1. Prepare Goals in Advance

It's important to have all participants present at the Consultation so they can each express their concerns, wish lists and ask questions. The Consultations helps set the Direction for the project launch so we want to hear from everyone. This process is all about communication so there are no surprises and we are all on the same page right from the get-go!

2. Come with a Budget

Discussing a Budget before the Consultation is extremely important so we can provide realistic goals. We understand you may not have any idea on how much your Remodel might cost and that's perfectly ok but we want to be respectful of your budget and be able to provide you with the best value.

3. Look at Daily Habits with Fresh Eyes

Before the Consultation start to put some thought into the flow of your home. Where do you spent most of your time? Do you have young children or pets that may require performance fabrics? What kind of lifestyle do you have? Do you like to entertain? The answers to these questions will give us a better understanding of how to create the flow, and an ideal aesthetic for your home.

4. Prepare for Judgment-Free Transparency

We want to dig deeper into what brings you comfort. Being honest and open about certain habits such as how you sleep, what flooring feels best under your feet and what colors make you feel the most relaxed can give us better insight on creating an atmosphere to bring more comfort into your living space. We're about so much more than just creating beautiful spaces we want to provide you with ideas and options to help you live your lives to the absolute fullness.

I had a client who once shared he liked his feet hanging off the end of the bed when he sleeps. By relating this information to me, I knew I had to select a bed without a footboard. It's these little nuggets!

5. Have All Necessary Pieces Present

It's important for us to know all the elements that will be present within the space. Have you recently purchased a new rug that you saw & loved? Perhaps furniture that you plan to use that's stored away? These are all pieces of the puzzle that we will need to see in order to pull together the best design plan. While typically I select paint colors last, maybe there's a color you saw in a photo that you were drawn that we'll want to be sure to incorporate.

It's important we know all of this at the Consultation.

6. Know Your Aesthetic Preferences

Providing inspirational photos gives us a better idea of your design style and what you like. Be prepared to show us why you like or dislike something. We can help filter out your ideas to create a design that is cohesive, that incorporates what you love & makes sense for the space.

We'd love to see your Pinterest or Houzz Design Boards prior to presentation to help us better prepare & provide you with the best value.

7. Establish a Decision-Making Process

Instead of Presenting multiple options at Presentation, we select 1 design option that we feel is the BEST. We feel by selecting the BEST option takes the guess work out of the decision making. We will usually always have a backup just incase there is something you really don't like. It's critical to have all decision-makers present at Presentation so we can begin to order items right away so we do not delay the process. Many items have lead times and to stay on schedule our process works best when we begin ordering items right after the Presentation.


To best prepare for the Consultation, we ask to meet somewhere between 9am-2pm when the lighting is best and we have time to concentrate without noisy distractions. We also ask to be open-minded. We are creative thinkers and very experienced with ideas that are beneficial and provide returns on investment.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We feel our clients are best served when they are well prepared and know what to expect. We are very excited to have the opportunity to get to know you a little better and work together to create a space you are going to love and be proud of.

Haven't scheduled your design consultation yet? There's no time like the present! Reach out to us and we'd be delighted to help.



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