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How to Create a Family-Friendly Space

Growing up with 10 siblings I understand the importance of having a family-friendly home. Wood floors get an abundance of wear & tear especially in high traffic areas. Furniture often gets ruined and rugs get dirty & soiled. This can be an extremely stressful time for parents.

But I assure you, your home does not have to be like this situation. With a few smart strategies and the right materials, your home can stand up to kids AND looks beautiful.

Photography by Michael J Lee #familyfriendly #mudroominspiration #mudroomremodel

Tip 1: Find Sturdy & Performance Fabrics

Traffic pieces such as Family Room chairs and sofas need durable, tight woven fabrics that are easy to clean. Choosing stain resistant synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester and polyprophylene are all good choices. Look for Fabrics like Sunbrella, Crypton, leather and even outdoor fabrics. #sunbrella #crypton #stainresistant #juterug

Tip 2: Embrace Colors, Patterns & Thick Textures

We suggest you use color, pattern and texture when you select rugs and pillows, blankets and upholstered seating. It's great for hiding stains & dirt -- and for adding beauty.

#beachhouseinspo #stainresistantfabrics

Tip 3: Choose Weathered or Rustic Furnishings

Slightly weathered, rustic, or even patina'd furnishings are great for high-traffic areas and can keep the piece from looking worn over the years. This is especially important to consider for dining tables & consoles. Time adds more character!

Tip 4: Prioritize Easily Washable Finishes & Furnishings

For highly durable floors I recommend Luxury Vinyl Wide Plank flooring that looks like wood. The nonporous seal makes it a snap to sweep or mop any spills & is more resistant to scratching. For the look of Matte Walls that are easy to clean I recommend a product called Scuff-X by Benjamin Moore. It's still easy to clean without having to paint walls a high shine. You can get away with Satin trim instead of Semi gloss by using a good quality brand like Benjamin Moore Advance.

Use slipcovers for chairs & sofas for an added layer of protection. Photography by Michael J Lee

Tip 5: Use Rugs to Serve & Protect

Area Rugs are a great investment to protect floors & to stop dirt at the Entryway not to mention the power of a pattern to hide crumbs! I recommend a wool rug for the best durability and if you're on a budget then polypropylene is also a good choice. I tend to favor the jute & because it creates depth & texture & is perfect for mudrooms, hallways and areas that receive a lot of indoor-outdoor foot traffic. #luxuryvinylplank

Tip 6: Invest in Quality Craftsmanship

A good rule of thumb is to invest more on items where you spend more of your time. There's no sense is purchasing cheap furniture that you will end up replacing in a few years and worse, if you end up feeling uncomfortable. For example, your sofa & tables are where you spend the most time. Go for the high quality items that will last longer. #woosterconsole #serenaandlily #shiplap #juterug #surya

Tip 7: Invite the Kids to Help Create the Home

Get your kids involved to help decorate the home. (deciding between two adult options) so that they are more likely to take care of it. Plus, it could be a fun family activity they'll appreciate later & don't forget about the kids rooms! They deserve a space that is creative & family-friendly too.

Not everything needs to be expensive and high quality and your new kid-friendly space can still be creative and elegant like the adults want it. It's important to find the right balance of aesthetic and function for your family.

Need help designing a family-friendly space that you love and keeps the kids happy? Let's talk!

Until next time,

Virginia DesRoches

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