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How to Add Inspiring Color to Your Home

Hello Everyone! I'm so happy to share some tips on how to incorporate color into your home. Here's an example of how I used Sherwin Williams Outgoing Orange and wrapped it onto the ceiling of this tiny Mudroom to add a punch color. Not that Daring? That's ok. There's plenty of other ways to make a Statement when it comes to adding color...

Colors you use to decorate your home can have a profound effect on the emotional well-being of you and your family. Colors can change mood, inspire energy and conversation, and ultimately, create a person's ideal life. The color you paint on your walls isn't just a matter of aesthetics, it's a tool that can be leveraged to affect emotions and behavior.

I'll be sharing 5 impactful places to add color to the home, from simple touches to big updates that will transform your space...and possibly even your life.

Here I used Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter for the walls and gave the ceiling a heightened illusion by painting it Benjamin Moore Breathe of Fresh Air for this tiny Beach house remodel.

Discover Your Color Preferences

It's so important to know what colors you are most gravitated towards. Maybe you are drawn to the natural colors of the earth as you're going for a nature walk or maybe you find yourself "Pinning" your little heart out with the deep Navy Blues. Pay attention to those colors and emotions. It's so important to know which colors you love before jumping into a design.

1. Colorful Accessories

Accessories are the easiest and most forgiving places to add color into a home. Decorative accent pillows can add depth and dimension to a neutral space. Using easy & creative ideas like painting the back of a bookshelf , add color to the ceiling, a splash of unexpected and beautiful color can change any space from dull to breathtaking.

2. Fresh, New Paint

Here's my Favorite Tip! I like to choose color last. With thousands of colors to select from, I like everything else in the space to dictate the Design and select the color last utilizing it to cohesively pull everything together. If there's a lot of warm wood tones in the room, I'll balance it with more blues & greens. You also need to be aware of North vs South facing rooms. North facing rooms don't get any direct sunlight so the light you do see tends to be soft and even, but less bright so you'll want to consider incorporating warmer colors into your space to balance it out.

3. Elegant Area Rug

If you could only add one item to make a big impact in your space, an area rug is an excellent choice. The right rug can pull all your accent colors together, add pattern to a neutral color palette or soften hard edges in a contemporary room. Use a dreamy beach colored rug if you want to give your room serene ambiance or cozy up a room with warmer tones. Use contrasting shades with pattern to liven up hardwood floors.

5. Handsome Upholstery

Sometimes all it takes is a new statement chair to instantly revive your seating area. Just like an art piece, a statement chair draws the eye's attention, so it's the perfect piece to reflect your personality.

How We Help

I help my clients filter out all of their ideas by pulling together their perfect color palette I know they will love and incorporate it into their space. I took my client's old dresser and transformed it using her favorite colors to create a fun & playful accent piece that tied in the coastal vibe she was going for at her beach house.

Living in New England we are exposed to all of the beautiful colors of the changing seasons. Color is such a powerful tool we can use to create your most full, transformed and exciting lives. I'm so honored to be a part of helping to brighten the homes and lives of our community.

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