• Virginia DesRoches

Everything You Need to Know About Our DIY Design Consultation

Updated: Jun 2

"Does this sound familiar? You've spent day after day in the same drab living room, bathroom or uninspiring kitchen. You have dreams for fresh updates, are equipped and ready to tackle the project yourself yet... you just don't know where to start?"

No need to worry, I have your back! I'm going to share a solution to your problem that you will find easy and enjoyable.

DIY Design Consultation

Our DIY Design Consultation was created to help guide you to achieve our signature New England Style Design. With our expertise, vast knowledge and experience we can help save you time, money and give you the support and direction you need.

Whether it's one room or multiple rooms, we have the creative vision to pull it together to give your home a cohesive look that is intentional. Sometimes just the smallest update can make a huge visual impact. We have a trained eye for detail and therefore we bring great value to incorporating our Modern Rustic design style into your space.

How It Works

It starts by booking a Discovery Call. Let's gather a little more information about your design challenges & struggles to be sure we are a good fit. You can then book a DIY Design Consultation. We'll give you our creative ideas and guide you through the process so you can execute it yourself.

In Action...

We recently helped a client who wanted to tackle the project themselves but just needed some guidance. They made some selections but were having doubts and needed a professional opinion. We were able to point out more important issues we felt would make a bigger impact such as removing a wall to increase the home's value and bring in more natural light. It was a game changer!

If you feel stuck and helpless because you just don't know where to start, we're here to help. Our DIY Design Consultation was designed to help encourage, inspired and give you the knowledge you need to tackle the project yourself or hire our Full-Service Team to do it for you.

We are thrilled and committed to helping families bring this reality to life. We know you are ambitious and hands on but just need our advice and guidance. Stop thinking about it & take the first step.

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