• Virginia DesRoches

5 Things Most People Don't Know about Interior Designers

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Most people think Designers sit around picking out colors, fabrics and pillows all day.

Designers do so much more than that and I'll be sharing 7 things most people don't know that designers do.

Photography by: Michael J Lee Contracted by: E Ribeiro Corp

1. Stress-Free Project Management

Designers are the Key Coordinators, Communicators and Ring Leaders that keep all the balls juggling in the air. We keep the project timeline and budget efficient, overseeing trades, ordering products, even spotting potentially expensive mistakes before they are made.

Photography by: Maggie Mae Artistry Contracted by: Dave Bouvier & JV Rustic

2. Inside Access to Artisans & Trades

We are able to expand our role in expanding our clients' access to professional craftsmen, to-the-trade vendors and artisans. We also save our clients valuable time by pre-vetting the best people for their project.

Photography by: Michael J Lee

3. Experience with Renovations, New Builds & Design

My true depth of knowledge is visualizing the finished product the second I step into a space. I am able to work with builders and contractors to relay my vision. I build an entire scope of work list, budget plan, vision boards and 3-D renderings so the client knows exactly what they are going to get and how much it's going to cost before we even launch the project.

4. Time-Saving Assistance from Start to Finish

We save our client's time, from pre-testing furniture, to being on-site to monitor progress, to receiving deliveries so they don't have to get caught up and they can continue living out their busy lives.

Photography by: Michael J Lee

5. Ability to Create Life-Changing Spaces

I am able to transform people's lives through their spaces. After working with us, your lives will be more fulfilled, happier and enjoyable having a place that reflects who they are and a customized space for their needs and desires.

Photography by: Michael J Lee Contracted by: E Ribeiro Corp

I encourage you to see designers a little differently. We do this work effectively and efficiently and take on a great deal of liability and responsibility. We love what we do and we are extremely passionate and are people pleasers. I love what I do and being able to share this experience to better the lives of others is such a rewarding feeling.

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