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5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Design-Build Firm

I understand first hand what it is like for a potential client to want to renovate their home, but has no idea where to start. It's overwhelming to have to think about all the various people involved.

I'll be sharing 5 of the top reasons to consider hiring a design-build firm in order to ensure a smooth project from start to finish.

1. A Design-Build Firm Excels in Organization

Having an entire team in-house creates better organization and therefore streamlined communication on a project.

We utilize a 15-Step project Management Strategy which allows our clients to always know exactly what is going to happen before it happens. At the Consultation we outline our Process in a very systematic way so you can be confident when you hire us you will fully understand which phase of the project you are in & how long it's going to take.

2. A Design-Build Firm Reduces Risk for the Client

Having a single contractor on the job reduces risk overall for the client. The Contractor holds all the risk and liability for all the Trades he brings in which in turn is a peace-of-mind for the clients.

We explain at the Consultation how complex this industry is. We let our clients know ahead of time things will go wrong so when they do, it's no big surprise. We let our clients know immediately when a problem arises and how we are going to fix it.

3. One Firm Means One Party to Pay

One of the many benefits of working with a Full-Service Design & Build Team is how much easier it is for the client to have a single party to pay, rather than a dozen of subcontractors.

We understand one of the biggest challenges our client's face is determining their Investment Target. We have the experience, expertise and knowledge to guide you in meeting your design goals without exceeding the amount you feel comfortable paying.

4. A Design-Build Firm Provides a Unified Vision

It's a known fact, when an Interior Designer is involved, the process is smoother. We are extremely knowledgable about the most up-to-date products, materials and trends. Our goal is to work with you to create a space that will be practical, functional and timeless.

I personally maintain the overall design direction throughout the project, while managing other trades and vendors. I create a Design Book for each individual Trade with specifications for all the layouts, details & installations.

This includes all rustic decor, tile selection, layout patterns & grout selection, Cabinetry styles, finishes, hardware, lighting fixtures and their proper placement, flooring, trim details and wall treatments, plumbing fixtures, window treatments, furniture layouts to determine where all the wall & floor outlets need to be located just to name a few.

5. An In-House Team Shortens the Time of the Project

Having the entire team in-house not only provides for the desired results, but helps the client reach their goal in a shorter amount of time, meaning it is completed on time and within budget.

On past projects I have helped clients achieve their dream home/room in a shorter amount of time because I was managing every aspect of the project. It allows the contractors to have good solid plans and direction right from the beginning so they are not wasting time changing things or helping the client make selections along the way delaying progress.

Whether you are looking to Build New, Renovate an existing home or space, or even a lighter home refresh, we are here to offer our support and services.

If you're ready for a team to manage your project from concept to completion, we've got your back! Contact us and let's get to know each other.

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