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3 Ways an Interior Designer will make Your New Build Process Easier

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

A New Build can be extremely overwhelming. With so many decisions to make, how do you know you're making the right ones? It's difficult to know if the home will look cohesive when it's finished. A new home is a huge investment and without professional help from a designer you could be left living in a home you don't love.

Building a home should be exciting, fun and filled with the design features you really love. An interior designer has the experience, knowledge and trained eye to help bring your vision and joy back to the project.

Photography by: Michael J Lee

1. A Creative Direction You Love

Builders have a depth of expertise, but the aesthetics and HOW homeowners will use the space are more of a designer's realm. We always try to be a creative step ahead.

Photography by: Michael J Lee

Our process is all about the experience for helping clients define the creative direction of a home that looks cohesive and beautifully personal. (Not like you picked it from a catalog.) We include what we call Presentation Day, this is one day where we provide all your vision boards, trim packet, samples you are able to see & feel, an itemized budget list with items ready to order and specified detailed packets for your Builder.

2. Vendor Relationships that Make You an Insider

As a designer, we have vendor relationships in getting samples, seeing inventory, and having access to materials off-the-beaten path. We know how to confidently select the right materials and design elements to create the home of your dreams.

3. Alleviating Decision Overwhelm

There are endless decisions to be made when building a home. From exterior masonry and paint colors to interior flooring, tiles, plumbing and lighting fixtures, cabinetry, stone tops, appliances, wallpaper, wall & trim color, hardware, window treatments and rustic decor. Most homeowners are surprised and overwhelmed to have to make so many decisions they might not feel educated about.

Photography by: Michael J Lee

In many cases, builders require all the decisions to be made before framing even begins. An Interior designer brings so much value in helping make these decisions with the client's best interest and desired aesthetic at heart. We have the experience and knowledge to help avoid costly mistakes, plan ahead for specialty lighting features, proper placement and supports for beams, mantles & barn doors. We can assist with the budget planning to keep your project running on time and on budget.

Photography by: Michael J Lee

Your Happiest Result

With so many decisions to be made and so many problems that can arise, we help alleviate all of the decision overload and help resolve any problems that will arise. This will save the client time and give them the peace of mind they deserve!

There is so much excitement involved in building the home of your dreams. It's my passion for helping you not only reach those dreams, but to help you enjoy the journey too.

Need an interior designer on your team? We've got your back! Contact us here and let's chat.

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